16 September, 2019
Al vele jaren is HG Industrial een speler van formaat in industriële project oplossingen. Vanaf het ontwerpen, bouwen en installeren van verdelers en complexe besturingspanelen tot het volledig verzorgen van totaal oplossingen van industriële projecten. Continuïteit van zorg, kwaliteit, betrouwbaarheid en persoonlijke betrokkenheid staat dan ook hoog in ons vaandel. Doen wat we beloven is een van de belangrijke onderdelen van onze aanpak. Continuïteit is ook na het installeren en afronden van het project belangrijk, vandaar dat wij altijd aanbieden om de nazorg en service te verpakken in een... Read more +
Open day Houbensteyn
11 September, 2019
On Saturday 28 September 2019, Hotraco is organizing an open day in collaboration with Houbensteyn Heideveld at the new modern pigfarm of the Houbensteyn Group. In this farm 19,000 fattening pigs will be housed, spread over 2 floors. An innovative, world-class farm with great attention to animal welfare and the environment. You are welcome from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. See attachment for more information. When? Saturday, September 28 11 am - 4 pm Where? Laagheide 9 Grubbenvorst, the Netherlands
6 September, 2019
The national network Trade & Innovate has been expanded since Friday 6 September with the regional development company of the Province of Limburg, LIOF. During a breakfast session at Hotraco Group in Hegelsom, a covenant was signed by Tjerk Opmeer, Director of International Programs at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( and Tys van Elk, director of LIOF. Under the watchful eye of Merei Wagenaar, deputy director of International Business at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Joost van den Akker, deputy Economy Province of Limburg and 65 Limburg entrepreneurs. LIOF is the 10th network... Read more +
6 September, 2019
It’s Testimonial Friday! Today a good story about the Thomas® system with Swiss Pig farmer Simon Duppenthaler. Accurate ventilation whatever the weather. 'The climate around the pigs is good, the feel comfortable.' If the pigs are fine, then it's also economically better.
30 August, 2019
Dosing feed accurately is effortless with the electronic feed weigher from Hotraco Agri. An important part of this feed weigher is the bin the feed falls into after weighing. Hotraco Agri has developed a new receiving bin that is multifunctional and better keeps the dust inside. But this bin has other advantages, too.   More advantages with the new bin for electronic feed weighing: The bin's outlet adapter can be fitted to the feed auger in two ways: at 30 and 0 degrees. The outlet adapter has a hole for the minimum sensor, so you no longer have to make one yourself. The receiving bin is... Read more +
23 August, 2019
Hotraco Agri's business objective is to provide total peace of mind for farmers through the creation of innovative automation systems. And because ease of use for our customers is our priority, we now offer the Fortica® universal poultry automation system in no fewer than 21 languages! Everyone prefers to read text in their own native language. Choosing your own language in the Fortica® system is very simple. The available languages are: English, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Turkish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Finnish, Polish, Italian, Swedish,... Read more +
15 August, 2019
In order to continue to serve our customers and the market well, we have further expanded our sales team. Hotraco Agri has hired Dennis Tros as international sales account manager with effect from 1 August. With his years of knowledge and experience in the industry, we are very pleased that Dennis has joined our team.   Dennis: ‘Making a useful contribution in the intensive livestock farming sector is something I find very rewarding. Until recently I did so in a nutrition-related position, and on 1 August I joined Hotraco, where the focus is barn automation. The worldwide trend towards... Read more +
5 August, 2019
Hotraco Agri is introducing a new management program for the pig farmer, called: Prisma Farm Management. The application serves to provide clear and efficient operational management and supports pig farmers in improving animal performance. Prisma Farm Management works hand in hand with the Thomas automation system and is now market-ready! User-friendly management system This very user-friendly management system presents relevant barn data graphically. The pig farmer now has the perfect tool for quick, easy comparison of data from all the barns. Among other things, this includes measurement... Read more +
5 August, 2019
As a pig farmer, it is important to be able to monitor your animals' growth. A new addition to the Thomas® system is animal weighing. This links the computer to a pig weigher so animal weight can be monitored 24/7. The animal data can also be read out in the Prisma Farm Management program and, as an added feature, the system links this information to the feed and water registration. In short, Thomas® animal weighing gives pig farmers good insight into the performance of their animals at any time of the day, and this system helps them deliver the pigs at the right weight. Pig weigher for... Read more +
Hotraco Agri - Testimonial Dealer - draperVENT – United Kingdom
2 August, 2019
It’s Testimonial Friday! We place a testimonial video every 1st Friday of the month. Today a video from our dealer draperVENT in the UK. Paul Draper talks about the partnership with Hotraco Agri. ‘An innovative partner who is contactable at all times’. draperVENT and Hotraco Agri uses the extensive experience to develop climate control systems for broilers in the UK that encourage the birds’ full genetic potential.


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