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Hotraco Development Centre

State of the Art

Continuous development

Thanks to our own development centre, Hotraco is able to develop reliable high-end software and hardware solutions for the livestock, horticulture, crop storage and industrial sectors. Our automation systems are durable, future-proof and extremely reliable. These innovative systems give our customers peace of mind and help them boost the profitability of their operations.

Development Software

Software development

Our progressive, professional team is committed to translating market requirements into user-friendly software and applications on a daily basis. We will continue to develop our company and innovate our systems in order to remain at the forefront in the sector. Our team is able to develop state-of-the-art software that is reliable and can be installed quickly in the field.

Development Hardware

Hardware development

Managing, monitoring and presenting complex processes in the simplest possible way is our core business. Hardware engineers work daily to upgrade and improve our advanced hardware, making our systems extremely user friendly, reliable and easy to use for our customers.

Development Innovation HDC


Hotraco believes in the power of innovation. That is why we continuously invest in innovative concepts that provide our markets with long-lasting, future-proof systems. Discover more about innovation at Hotraco.

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Development Big Data

Big data

Accurate, reliable information is of inestimable value in times when the business owner is constantly under pressure because they so frequently have to make important decisions quickly. In practice, however, data is mainly used to look back. But what if we were to use this reliable data to look ahead? What if accurate forecasts could enable the business owner to develop more efficient business processes? That would be a huge step forward!

Make complex simple

Our people work with enthusiasm and commitment to achieve the best results for our customers.

State of the Art
Time to market