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Innovation at Hotraco


Our automation systems focus specifically on our customers' core processes, and everything revolves around health and well-being. This includes animal welfare, crop health and working conditions. At Hotraco, we use our innovative systems to meet our customers' current needs. We stay on top of the latest developments and market requirements. For example, today we see that in addition to, say, climate data, our customers have an increasing need for data on the quality of their end product. We have therefore dedicated tremendous resources to innovating our automation systems to provide the most accurate and reliable data possible on the end product.

Samenwerking WUR

Collaboration with WUR

Hotraco works hand in hand with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) to develop innovations into optimum solutions. This collaboration often takes place through public–private partnerships (PPPs), in which universities seek cooperation with multiple companies. The university focuses on research, analysis and reporting, while companies make contributions from the real-world situation, such as test sites, equipment and installations. Subjects of investigation tie into all the core processes of our end users, which include the influence of climate and feed on animal behaviour, animal welfare, growth, emissions from manure, gases and substances, and the climate for workers and neighbours.

Wageningen University & Research
Samenwerking onderwijs2

Collaboration with educational institutions

Hotraco is represented in the Circular Design Group (CDG,, located at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo (Floriade site). This is a foundation that brings together companies and educational institutions in the collaborative pursuit of solutions to circularity and sustainability issues. Via the CDG, we have close ties with the HAN, HAS (Venlo campus), Fontys and Avans universities of applied sciences and we work with a wide student pool. This gives these students the opportunity to get to know us and other regional companies in the manufacturing industry. This group of companies has united under the name ‘Land of the Makers’.

Land van de Makers


Hotraco's innovative pursuits are not exclusively focused on our customers' core processes but also on further advances in sustainability. More specifically, we mean the sustainability of everything we physically produce. This includes the choice of materials and components, as well as energy consumption and reuse. As such, we are also contributing to the sustainability of our customers' operations and their working environment. In short, during the design stage of our products, sustainability is an increasingly important factor in shaping the final product. With this approach, we are developing future-proof systems that meet the changing needs of our end users.


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