Welcome at Hotraco Group

Hotraco Group is an internationally operating group of innovative and high-tech companies specialised in system development and system integration, in particular of control technology oriented solutions.

The group, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2014, is in a constant state of flux and the number of sectors in which it operates has increased in recent years.

The total turnover in 2016 was approximately EUR 40 million with 200 employees.


Hotraco was founded in 1974 in The Netherlands in an area called De Peel, which has a rich tradition of livestock farming and also known for its engineering industry. The founders of Hotraco had a technical and agricultural background and a clear vision of the needs of the agricultural industry, which prompted them to start a company specialised in the development and manufacture of control technologies for use in animal housing.

That desire to improve things and to innovate has only increased and broadened. Over the course of time, Hotraco’s successes led to the creation of the Hotraco Group, within which a multitude of companies operate.

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