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The entire agricultural branch under one roof

Hotraco Group

The Hotraco Group is known as a global group of technically advanced companies providing innovative automation solutions for the agricultural and industrial sectors. Within the Hotraco Group, we strive for healthy long-term relationships with our customers. That is our commitment every day. To keep our long-term relationships with customers strong in the future, Hotraco is in full development and we have started the One Hotraco project.

Project One Hotraco

Project One Hotraco is intended to create a single strong collaborative team with efficient business processes to enable us to serve each customer quickly and optimally. Every team member at Hotraco is committed to achieving success for every customer every day. We do this with a lot of passion, fun, drive and a great sense of responsibility. We are only satisfied when our customer is satisfied. Your success is our success, and that’s what we strive for!

The entire agricultural branch under one roof

Project One Hotraco means that the entire agricultural branch of the Hotraco Group will become one company. This includes the following business entities: Hotraco Development Center BV (R&D), Hotraco Emware BV (Production) and the sales divisions Hotraco Agri BV, Hotraco Horti BV and Mooij Agro BV. As of 1 July 2021, these five entities will continue as a single legal entity under the name Hotraco Agri BV.

The various brands related to the agricultural sector will continue to exist as usual: Hotraco Agri for intensive livestock farming, Hotraco Horti for greenhouse horticulture and Mooij Agro for crop storage. The other Hotraco Group companies will continue to stand alone. They are: HG Industrial, Frilim and Tulderhof.

Data that will change

This merger will take effect on 1 July 2021. Nothing will change for Hotraco Agri’s partners. For the partners of Hotraco Horti and Mooij Agro several important items of information will change, specifically our Chamber of Commerce number, bank account number and VAT number. It is important that this information is updated in your administration. The data that will now be used is given below:

Hotraco Agri B.V.
Stationsstraat 142
5963 AC Hegelsom

VAT ID: NL009778263B01
CoC: 12027894
IBAN: NL38RABO0120405083

Your contact person and contact information within our organization will remain the same. You can also continue to send your purchase orders or invoices in the usual way. All legal agreements will automatically be transferred to Hotraco Agri BV. With this, all the associated rights and obligations will also be continued.