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OPN-DR-ST-I Pressure Measuring Sensor

Thank you for visiting the Hotraco OPN-DR-ST-I technical info page. This is where you can find the latest and most accurate information on how to use and maintain the OPN-DR-ST-I Pressure Measuring Sensor. To help you get the most out of your OPN-DR-ST-I, we have prepared a detailed manual that covers everything from installation to troubleshooting. You can access the manual by clicking on the button below. We hope you enjoy using the OPN-DR-ST-I and we appreciate your feedback.

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The OPN-DR-ST-I can measure pressure and differential pressure with high accuracy and flexibility. It comes with a connection set and can be calibrated to suit different applications. It also has a multirange switch and an active output for easy integration.

You can use the OPN-DR-ST-I sensor to monitor the air pressure difference between the outside and the inside of a building when you connect it to a climate controller. This can help you optimize the indoor air quality and comfort.

You can also use the OPN-DR-ST-I as part of the SmartFlow ventilation system, where it measures the pressure difference between a room and the central duct. This can help you control the airflow and ventilation rate for each room individually.

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